How do agitated men find silence in the modern world?

Where can they find protective space?

In today’s post-modern age, total silence is a phenomenon of the past, or at least something more romanticised than actually experienced. It is nowadays almost impossible to appreciate moments of peace and quiet, or stillness, particularly in big cities. This not only damages people’s quality of life, i.e. billions of people are losing sleep and quiet time, but it also produces a dynamic of reducing the distances between A and B – or even getting rid of these distances completely.

Using this state of “agitation” as well as the above questions as a starting point, the performance artist Nathalie Fari and the photographer Daniel Schäfer have together launched an intervention and research project, which takes place in public spaces and which particularly focuses on the search for such “protective spaces” 

(or, metaphorically speaking, “oases of peace and quiet”). 

The project’s first city is Madrid. Adopting similar postures, Nathalie developed a restricted, short actions in several public places, while Daniel used photography to

give her the space. Their goal was not to “mirror” these often-strange places, but rather to create a contrast: a resting place (or point) in the middle of the urban landscape and amid all the movement taking place in it. The location-based project Agitation introduces observers to a pictorial vocabulary in which they, too, are invited to find their own “protective space”.

Berlin and São Paulo will be the next stops 2012!!!