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WTS Charity Golf Cup 2011

One art work from the series "Buscando la luz" inspired by the basque sculpturist Eduardo Chillida got sold by auction at the WTS Golf Chartiy Cup 2011. The whole amount of 1.600 Euros goes to the Franz Beckenbauer Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to help mentally and physically disabled and to those who find themselves in need through no fault of their own.

Photo: Prof. Dr. Alexander Hemmelrath, Daniel Schäfer, Franz Beckenbauer

Using these questions as a staring point, and with the concept of  agitation in mind, the Brazilian-German performance artist Nathalie Fari and the photographer Daniel Schäfer will be investigating the different typologies of urban spaces in Madrid – one of Europe’s noisiest cities –  in order to explore its characteristics and movements, and to create a visual language that emanates from the body during performance and deals intensively with the feeling of agitation.

How do agitated men find silence in the modern world?

Where can they find protective space?

14/09/2010 - 19.30h


LIFE COASTER - Vernissage / 200 Years Oktoberfest

WTS Konferenzzentrum

Thomas Wimmer Ring 1

80539 München


15/09 - 29/10/2010

The main exhibition featured works by JUAN MIGUEL PALACIOS, LO SUPER, JORDI GOMEZ and DANIEL SCHÄFER. In addition special performance nights and artist talks are hosted by J.M. PALACIOS, JUAN AKASHA, MARIA DORADA & ROOTEO and  DANI ZÚ. 

Susan Sontag, one of the outstanding American writers of contemporary culture, in one of her always controversial essays,“Against Interpretation“

(1968), presents a radical opposition to the search of meaning in Art and defends individual intuition and a personal art experience. This was the inspiration for the collective exhibition “Trust Your Feelings”.

Myra Vidal works with independent artists who use different ways of aesthetic expression such as performance, digital photo-collage,photography, 

contemporary graphic arts or sound art. The freedom and honesty of their artistic point of view emerge, in a globalized world where excess and uniformity shape consciousness. This project is possible thanks to the support of Eduardo G. Kaibide.

Come in and trust your feelings!

06/12/2010 - 21h

LIFE COASTER - Vernissage

„Life is a rollercoaster and we are sitting in the first row!“

Myra Vidal Ar Show, Madrid


EntreFotos I Stand: 01

Come and visit Daniel Schäfer and 34 great photographers in a very personal atmosphere. See the latest art series, tallk and buy directly from each artist.

Casa de Reloj

Paseo de la Chopera 10, Madrid

Metro Legazpi

Opening: thursday 27 at 19h

Friday - Sunday 11-15 / 16-21hours



A site specific work by Daniel Schäfer & Nathalie Fari

: TRUST YOUR FEELINGS 21/06/2011 – 30/07/2011

VERNISSAGE TUESDAY 21/06 - 21H / Puebla 14, 28004 Madrid

Unrast/Desasosiego - Madrid 2011 I  70x100cm I  Edition 7

Photo Opening: Erika Lee, Eduardo G. Kaibide, Daniel Schäfer