Buscando La Luz

Buscando la luz / Searching the light ...also called the last monumental sculpture by Eduardo Chillida, initiated in the year 1997 on the area of the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. 12 years later, Daniel Schäfer takes his work further finds his own visual compositions during a period of 2 years. He captures the work  of Chillida always searching for the light and the shadows to different times of the day and year.

"How would it be our life without the shadows? asks Daniel and finds a big metaphoric value in this.  „Especially in our times & society, we tend to search for the „light“. But the shadows gives the light more meaning, importance and contrast. And so it is with everything in life. If we are aware about this natural balance, it might be easier to understand and to life with.

The series „Buscando La Luz“ contains about 50 photographes in is still in progress.

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Epson Digiegraphie

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl

30x40cm, rosty aluminium frame